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One Truth: Different Paths

What is the Difference between Truth and falsehood?

Abrahamic Faith states that there is no Reality other than God. Truth is Reality. But it also states that none is comparable to God- no words can truly describe Him- and any image/word we think of- is not God. He is beyond our imagination/beyond words... so can the word 'Truth' even fully describe His Essence to us? Or is it just One of His Many Beautiful Names/Attributes/Garments which He chooses to reveal Himself through in order that creation can experience His Presence and have a 'relationship' with Him? So if these garments of our Creator are not purely 'Truth' in its Highest Form- surely we could label them as 'falsehood/delusion'? At what point does a lower expression of Higher Truth become labelled as 'falsehood?' Does 'Falsehood' even 'exist?' or is it just our perception of it that feels real/unreal depending on the purity of our hearts/clarity of our judgment/consciousness/awareness?? Surely if falsehood was purely falsehood then there would be no 'space' for it in our Reality? But Reality is 'Relative' is it not? Is there not always a 'Higher Truth/Reality?' Is the journey toward knowing Higher Truth not an Infinite Journey when we seek it from outside inwards? Surely the Higher the 'truth content' of a Higher Truth, the less able our eyes will be able to 'see it?' For how can Ultimate Truth be put into a physical box? How can Ultimate Truth be put into a 'word?' How can Ultimate Truth exist in any given physical form that our eyes can see, our ears can hear, our minds can know and our hearts can understand? Even If a huge 'mountain' were labelled as 'Truth', then how can a tiny Human being 'see' all sides of the mountain at one at every moment, with every breath when we look at it from the outside facing in? Surely one can only truly 'See' from the perspective of Higher Truth if it is from the 'inside looking out?'

Everything in this physical world that is 'physical' and so can be touched, tasted, smelt, heard, seen with our physical vessels of perception- is a mixture of Higher Truth with lower truth, Higher Reality with lower reality, because pure Truth cannot be revealed all at once within the physical world because it will result in the destruction of creation- it must be revealed gradually- the more Love that can be carried in a vessel- the Higher the revelation of God that it will be able to contain/reveal.. And within each part of falsehood/delusion is truth and light. Within every corner of a dark room is hidden light, for without the light the darkness could not exist. And without the darkness the light could not be revealed. How much Truth/Reality we are able to truly perceive depends on how we 'choose' to use our gifts of perception according to the level of free will we have been granted by our creator, and according to His Will. How much 'light' we are able to/choose to/are given permission to see within the darkness, and how much 'reality' we are able to see within the delusion, and how much 'truth' we are able to see within the falsehood depends on the purity of our hearts- for it is the hearts that in Truth are able to 'see the Face of our Creator- depending on how much 'Love' and 'sincerity' it reveals/experiences


The more free will that a physical being has, the more able it/he/she is able to 'be' a mere delusion. Perhaps the less free will a being has, the more 'Real' they must Be? So one could suggest that perhaps a Rock is more 'Real' than a human being, because it is less able to choose to 'be' anything other than the 'rock' that it was created to Be? Surely if ultimate Truth is Eternal, and non changing, then a measure of how much 'truth' something contains is -how long does it last without changing/dying/decaying/fading away? Is a diamond more 'Real' than the physical body of a human being? Or is a human being that is able to feel 'Love' and reveal the Light of its Creator by emulating HIs Ways of Peace, more 'Real' than a diamond rock? Is it not better to have loved and lived a short fading physical existence, than to have existed forever in a state of 'unconsciousness' like a rock- unable to experience the Life/ and Death shattering existence of heartbreak pain that Love/and exile from it can inflict on a person? 


In Reality, nothing (not even delusion/falsehood) can exist without containing a spark of Truth within it. Even Falsehood cannot exist without having an element of truth to it, because Truth is the Source of everything, and once the truth is extracted from 'something', then that 'thing' will cease to exist. The more truth there is to 'something', the less space there will be for that 'thing' to contain falsehood. 

Sometimes a higher Truth makes 'space' for a lower truth.- ie gives it 'room within itself or surrounding it to exist for a temporary time, in order to allow a Higher Purpose to be fulfilled through that falsehood/lower truth/concealment. The falsehood/delusion/lower truth acts as a 'concealment' or 'covering' in order to help maintain physical Creation with Justice, and in order to help bring 'down' Higher Truth/light through 'vessels/containers' into the physical 'reality' of human/animal/plant/mineral experience. But the concealment itself is made of Truth that is merely Light hidden within darkness, a blessing disguised as a curse, Mercy disguised as 'severity/wrath' or truth concealed within falsehood- every element of it. So the more physical something is/feels- the more of a Vessel it can be. 

So if we are saying that there is no Reality other than God, and that God creates through His Word 'Be' all that exists within and beyond Space and Time, then everything must be being 'created' at each and every moment within space and time, and what Is, Was and always Will Be- everything else will fade and disappear once the truth has been extracted and removed from it/once it has served its Higher Purpose. Light if revealed all at once can be 'blinding' and therefore one must wear 'sunglasses' in order to protect the vessel of the Eye from going blind from the Light. Gradually, with exposure bit by bit, the eye gets used to the Light and is more able to adjust itself in order to be able to 'contain it' in a way that does not cause destruction to it. This is similar in this world where all of existence needs 'time' to adjust and ripen to the new light that seeks to reveal itself from within each and every thing that exists but that does not yet percieve its Creator.  Therefore The Higher Light/Higher Truth must be revealed gradually through 'vessels' within creation within space and time -which themselves are made up of 'concealed light' or 'lower truth' mixed with even lower truth/- or what we sometimes label as 'falsehood'. And if we are saying that even falsehood contains within it truth/wisdom, in order for it to exist/carry the hidden light/act as a physical vessel- then what we are really saying is that falsehood does not truly exist, and that there cannot 'Be' anything other than our God- that our Creator is no outside of us but is within us, and within everything that exists in reality and our experience of it- even within each of the infinite number of atoms/within the space which make up what we call 'delusion' or 'falsehood.' 

Higher Truth vs lower truths? or One Truth in different vessels?


Which paths/vessels lead to perception of Higher Truth/Reality/Return/Unity/Oneness?

Which paths/vessels lead to perception of /lower truths/delusion/exile/seperation/duality?

How can we become more able to recognise Truth from falsehood in order that we are able to choose to experience our Creator's Mercy rather than His Wrath?

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